[ida] Imagen Divine Agency — Miabella Foxley

This past Wednesday, Daphne and I released Episode 9 of Going Broke with Daphne and Tamara where we interviewed Miabella Foxley of the Imagen Divine Agency. Imagen is a modelling agency that is putting together a huge fashion event on Oct. 5, Divine Intervention. As a thank-you for helping promote the event, Miabella took some pictures of me and Daphne. Check these out, they’re amazing! We highly recommend Miabella and her agency for terrific photographs!


Miabella also did solo close-up shots of both of us. I don’t have Daph’s shot, but here’s mine.


Yep, that’s the Amaretto Chariot Dress, Calla’s Marigold Hair, and a new CS Vogue Fall skin.  Daphne’s wearing a dress from Ingenue and Calla hair.


3 responses to “[ida] Imagen Divine Agency — Miabella Foxley

  1. I love that close-up of you, it’s stunning…and you’re right, Miabella’s pictures RAWK!
    I’ve had some done by her, I love, love, love them, and believe me, if she can make me look good..lol.. she can make AnYBody look good!

  2. Correction that’s ETD hair. It’s from the Couture line, it might have been discontinued when Elika reopened the store.

    Also I’m wearing TaP Modele Skin, I can’t remember the number. And the shape is custom.

  3. elysium eilde

    oh Bex are you kidding! you look awesome even in a raw snapshot!!!

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