I <3 BettiePage Voyager

Seriously, she makes legwarmers with angry bunnies!  She also makes piano skirts, lace trimmed long denim cut-offs, comfy denim skirts, tattered cotton lace dresses, big duffle coats, and so much more!  I’ve just discovered the great shopping on the Osaka sim — you know, where you go to get your giant fuzzy bunnies — and I can’t get enough!  I’ve also fallen in love with CreamShop on the Koenji sim.  Daphne Abernathy and I discussed CreamShop on Episode 8 of Going Broke with Daphne and Tamara.  I really need to explore what the Japanese designers are doing in SL!  For now, I’ve got this look for you:


I’ve paired CreamShop’s Midnight Poncho with BP*’s short denim pants with lace bottoms.  To stay comfy, I went for my Shiny Things Comfy Boots and BP*’s Leg Warmers with Angry Bunnies (you get two pair of legwarmers with one bunny per pair).  For decoration, I chose my CreamShop Lily bangle, cause it went with the flower on the poncho, and the Lilium earrings and Bee ring from Paper Couture.  Finally, I put on my Initially Yours Initial Charm belly ring — look closely, it’s very delicate!  This is a new addition to Delfina Vacano’s line and it’s delicate and sweet!  I’m also wearing ETD’s Lannah hair; Tete a Pied’s Blush Freckle Face 1 skin; and Lemon’s Oh Marie shape.


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