Sweet Chariot

Today, Lux Yao of Amaretto released her Chariot dress.  She designed this dress for the October 5 fashion mega-event Divine Intervention that is being put on by the Imagen Divine Agency.  Divine Intervention is going to be three hours of fun and fashion that must not be missed!  I’m also wearing one of Celestial Studio’s new Fall skins which are on sale for 50%  through this weekend.


In addition to Amaretto’s Chariot dress and Celestial’s Fall – 4 skin, I’m wearing Minx Elyssee shoes; Tickled Pink’s Louisa Bangle and Ribbon Me Pretty Necklace; Calla’s Marigold hair; and Lemon’s Oh Marie shape.  Yeah, I just can’t kick the Oh Marie habit!  What are some of your favorite shapes?  Did you design your own?

2 responses to “Sweet Chariot

  1. Arianna Psaltery

    Great dress! That skirt is so unique 😉

  2. Photo tip: When taking a snapshot, make sure the box beside “Keep Specified Aspect Ratio” is checked.
    You can zoom in/out by Ctrl (or Command if on a Mac) + 8 or Ctrl + 0. Ctrl+9 returns you to normal zoom.

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