Tally Whoa!

Sometimes, I get an urge to swan around SL in an outfit that’s just a bit over the top.  Today was one of those days, and if I were able to get my Lindens out of SLExchange, I’d be merrily swanning away instead of blogging!


See?  Dramatic coat, hat with a scarf and birds, lacey cuffs,  lace face mask, red leather pants — it all adds up to perfect swanning!

I’m wearing the coat and shirt with lace cuffs from Last Call’s Frida outfit; Launa Fauna Isabeau red leather pants; Sabrina Top Hat from Illusions; Smokey lace face mask from Illusions; Miriel’s Sultana necklace and earring set; Tete a Pied’s Vivant Modele 3 skin; and my Oh Marie shape from Lemon.  Maybe next time, I’ll try some of Lemon’s other shapes for my picture, what do you think?


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