My “Tomorrow” Clothes

At the end of each SL day, my friends and I go home and change for the next day.  We call what we change into our “tomorrow” clothes.  Oddly enough, my tomorrow clothes look more like yesterday clothes!

I’m wearing my current favorite shape, Oh Marie (dress shape here) by Lemon; Tete a Pied skin in Vivant Blush Chaton 1; ETD Juliana hair in Cinnamon; the Femme Fatale Dress by Ingenue; Shiny Things Tuxedo Pumps in Powder Pink; and the Claris pearl choker, bracelet and earrings from Muse.snapshot_001.jpg

I just bought a bunch of poses at Reel Expressions by Luth Brodie on the Lalique sim.  I just love her poses!  However, I’m having a hard time with camera angles and zooming in at the right angle.  Any suggestions?


One response to “My “Tomorrow” Clothes

  1. Things I have found that help with camera angle is making sure I disabled camera restraints (Under the client menu) and playing with the ALT key and the ALT + CTRL keys when mousing the camera around. ALT let’s you select a new focal point and ALT + CTRL let’s you rotate the angle of the camera. There could be more to that but I’m at work not in SL I can’t test to remember what that all do.

    I know you don’t use a mouse, but I find having a mouse with a wheel helps with zooming in and out and moving the camera.

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