Bonus “Talk Like a Pirate” Day Post

Yaargh!  Afore I hit me bunk, I had to make sure me bum wasn’t so big it could sink an armada!  Really, if this makes my ass look fat, I’m gonna walk the plank!

I’m still wearing my same skin, hair and shape from before.  I’ve changed into the Anne dress and boots from Draconic Kiss and the Anne hat and sword from Rebel Hope’s Lady Pirate Anne outfit.

What do you think?snapshot_001.jpg


5 responses to “Bonus “Talk Like a Pirate” Day Post

  1. I think I wiah I could see it better because I bet its cool! The angle of the pic makes it hard for me to see the outfit. And, I hit CTRL and ATL as if that would change my camera angle on the picture… *embarrassed*

  2. wow, even more embarrassed since I’ve apparently lost the ability to spell both “wish” and”ALT” 😦 Anyhoo, nice outfit!

  3. Candy, I should write something in the “about” section regarding the pose. It’s from a Cristiano Midnight animation called “Does it look fat?” Daph and I hand out that animation with our GBDT notecards.

  4. ahh, I needs it! We neeeeds the pose, precious!The way my avi is shaped half the things I try make my ass look fat, but there is a limit to how much I care when the fashion is right 😉

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