Vanity, thy name is Tamara.

n625575193_293385_28123.jpgWelcome to my new, yet already seriously famous, blog “Does This Make My Ass Look Fat?”  I’ve created this blog because there has been so much demand for pictures of me . . . okay, seriously, I’m starting this blog for educational purposes.  I want to learn to take better pictures in Second Life, and I want to learn more about SL fashion.

I’m part of the Daphne and Tamara team behind the podcasts “Going Broke with Daphne and Tamara” and “Second Style Stylecast.”  You’d think I already knew something about fashion, but I’m no fashionista.  I’m a shopper.  On other blogs, I see so may creative mash-ups of different outfits from different designers.  I tend to stick with wearing entire outfits.  So, I’m hoping that all of you will help me by suggesting different ways to wear my clothes.

I’d also really appreciate any photo tips you could give me.  I’m currently studying entries from Iris Ophelia and Vint Falken’s blogs.  Once I familiarize myself with WordPress, I’ll post links for those blogs.

Anyway, I’m hoping you enjoy checking out my blog and that we can all learn some more about SL fashion and photography together.


P.S.  I want to thank Celebrity Trollop for taking this picture of me.  It was part of a set that she took for Second Style Stylecast.  The skin in the picture is Celestial Studios Vogue in Smoky Plum; the hair is Madeline from ETD (pre-retexturization); the blouse and skirt are the Snake Charmer separates from Kyoot Army; the wrist cuffs are from the Melodic Atrocity set by Violet Voltaire; and I’ll have to get back to you on the boots and necklace!


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