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[ida] Imagen Divine Agency — Miabella Foxley

This past Wednesday, Daphne and I released Episode 9 of Going Broke with Daphne and Tamara where we interviewed Miabella Foxley of the Imagen Divine Agency. Imagen is a modelling agency that is putting together a huge fashion event on Oct. 5, Divine Intervention. As a thank-you for helping promote the event, Miabella took some pictures of me and Daphne. Check these out, they’re amazing! We highly recommend Miabella and her agency for terrific photographs!


Miabella also did solo close-up shots of both of us. I don’t have Daph’s shot, but here’s mine.


Yep, that’s the Amaretto Chariot Dress, Calla’s Marigold Hair, and a new CS Vogue Fall skin.  Daphne’s wearing a dress from Ingenue and Calla hair.

I <3 BettiePage Voyager

Seriously, she makes legwarmers with angry bunnies!  She also makes piano skirts, lace trimmed long denim cut-offs, comfy denim skirts, tattered cotton lace dresses, big duffle coats, and so much more!  I’ve just discovered the great shopping on the Osaka sim — you know, where you go to get your giant fuzzy bunnies — and I can’t get enough!  I’ve also fallen in love with CreamShop on the Koenji sim.  Daphne Abernathy and I discussed CreamShop on Episode 8 of Going Broke with Daphne and Tamara.  I really need to explore what the Japanese designers are doing in SL!  For now, I’ve got this look for you:


I’ve paired CreamShop’s Midnight Poncho with BP*’s short denim pants with lace bottoms.  To stay comfy, I went for my Shiny Things Comfy Boots and BP*’s Leg Warmers with Angry Bunnies (you get two pair of legwarmers with one bunny per pair).  For decoration, I chose my CreamShop Lily bangle, cause it went with the flower on the poncho, and the Lilium earrings and Bee ring from Paper Couture.  Finally, I put on my Initially Yours Initial Charm belly ring — look closely, it’s very delicate!  This is a new addition to Delfina Vacano’s line and it’s delicate and sweet!  I’m also wearing ETD’s Lannah hair; Tete a Pied’s Blush Freckle Face 1 skin; and Lemon’s Oh Marie shape.

Punky Brewster

Tonight, Celebrity Trollop hosted an old-school punk party at the Caffeine au Go-Go on the Calliefornia sim.  So, Celebrity’s SL’s top fashionista, so no pressure to get the outfit right.  Yeah, no pressure at all.  Before I crashed, here’s what I had on:


I started with the retired Deviant Nation Fetish skin and layered on some of Canimal’s new Black Magic tattoos on top and some Red Ruin Bang Bang hip tattoos on the bottom.  I also wore Artilleri’s Wendy Wild pants and retired skull tank.  I dug out my old reliable Beckenbauer Oi! red ox 16 eye boots and a new Artilleri Pyramid Stud belt.  Iris Ophelia told me to go to UnTone where I found a great Arm Band in black, but I had to layer on some Artilleri Lulu bracelets too.   A quick visit to Fancy Schmancy netted me the Noir Charm collar (which I wore w/o the leash, thank you!).  Finally, I topped off my look with ETD’s Madeline II hair.

Swanning Around

So, the other day, I thought I was swanning around.   I was so wrong!  Nicky Ree’s Swan Lake dress hadn’t yet hit the grid!  Sure, I had the Illusions Gracile hat, but no swan dress yet.  So, here it is, the Nicky Ree Swan Lake dress.


I’m also wearing ETD’s Lanie hair; Miriel’s Sultana jewelry set; Sparkle Skye’s ballet slippers; Tete a Pied’s Vivant Blush Modele 3 skin; and a shape Lemon has yet to release!

Nicky Ree isn’t the only designer using feathers, though.  Grace Winnfield of Gracie also used them on her Glamorous Garbo gown.   I knew when I saw this dress on the Second Style Fashionista blog that I had to have it!  While I purchased the Sweet and Sultry gowns, I loved the way the Sultry gown looked against this background.


I kept the Miriel jewelry and the Modele skin, but changed to ETD’s Anisa hair and Lemon’s Solanas shape.

Also, I discovered something that should really help my photographs.  I finally checked off the “Keep specified aspect ratio” button.  Now, I won’t appear smashed in my pictures!

Sweet Chariot

Today, Lux Yao of Amaretto released her Chariot dress.  She designed this dress for the October 5 fashion mega-event Divine Intervention that is being put on by the Imagen Divine Agency.  Divine Intervention is going to be three hours of fun and fashion that must not be missed!  I’m also wearing one of Celestial Studio’s new Fall skins which are on sale for 50%  through this weekend.


In addition to Amaretto’s Chariot dress and Celestial’s Fall – 4 skin, I’m wearing Minx Elyssee shoes; Tickled Pink’s Louisa Bangle and Ribbon Me Pretty Necklace; Calla’s Marigold hair; and Lemon’s Oh Marie shape.  Yeah, I just can’t kick the Oh Marie habit!  What are some of your favorite shapes?  Did you design your own?

Fashionistas, Come Out and Plaaaaaaay!

The fashion world of SL is tough. Damn tough. Some of those fashionistas would garrotte their own grannies if they thought it would get them more press. As you can see from my bloody knuckles, I had a particularly nasty run in today with a little dressmaker; droits de fee my ass!


I wore Kyoot Army’s Wilted Wednesday Vest and Casa del Shai’s Slick Rick trench to my rumble. I also wore Eat Rice’s Dingy Lush jeans; Eat Me’s Bloody Knuckles; ETD Tasha hair; Tete a Pied Vivant Blush Biba skin; and Lemon’s Paper Doll shape.

Tally Whoa!

Sometimes, I get an urge to swan around SL in an outfit that’s just a bit over the top.  Today was one of those days, and if I were able to get my Lindens out of SLExchange, I’d be merrily swanning away instead of blogging!


See?  Dramatic coat, hat with a scarf and birds, lacey cuffs,  lace face mask, red leather pants — it all adds up to perfect swanning!

I’m wearing the coat and shirt with lace cuffs from Last Call’s Frida outfit; Launa Fauna Isabeau red leather pants; Sabrina Top Hat from Illusions; Smokey lace face mask from Illusions; Miriel’s Sultana necklace and earring set; Tete a Pied’s Vivant Modele 3 skin; and my Oh Marie shape from Lemon.  Maybe next time, I’ll try some of Lemon’s other shapes for my picture, what do you think?

They Tried to Make Me Shop at Wal-Mart, I Said “NO NO NO!”

Instead, I wore a dress made out of duct tape! By the way, did you know that the only thing duct tape isn’t really good for is repairing ducts? Heat melts the glue on the tape. Boy, the things you learn from listening to NPR’s “Wait, Wait. . . Don’t Tell Me!”

I’m wearing the Hobo Couture Moving Day dress from Truth; Oi! Red Ox 16 eye boots; Creamshop’s Skull Rhinestone necklace; Sarabi Dice earrings; EMJ’s Crossing bracelet (not yet released!); Amy hair by Aden; Man’s Ruin tattoos by Canimal; Tete a Pied Vivant Blush Celeste 3 skin; and my ever faithful Oh Marie shape by Lemon!


Yes, today I felt like being all coordinated! My jewelry matches beautifully, my lipstick matches my dress, and the boots? Well, if you tell me they don’t match, I’ll just kick you!

I’m wearing Kyoot Army’s Swirly Cyclone dress in Dusty Rose; ETD’s Vivian hair; Cre@ction s111 Vampire boots; Shiny Things Glass Chunk jewelry; Lovey skin in Strawberry Milk Mulberry; and Lemon’s Oh Marie shape!

Turn Up the Barry White, Baby

Ooh, child!  Check me out!  I’m wearing my Deepchild dress by Casa del Shai!

I’m also wearing some hot shoes from Sven Olbers, the Midnight pump in black; ETD’s Madeline II hair; Tete a Pied Vivant Blush Chaton skin; Chapeau Tres Mignon’s Mae Hong Son Neck Rings; and Lemon’s Oh Marie shape!  What do you all think?

Daphne Abernathy took this picture and she used this angle to play up my legs in the hot stripper shoes.